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Auditioning for The Ultimate Answer Movie
From Calm to Cattle Call
By TUA Staff

It was summer of 2009 in Manhattan, and over one third of the Broadway shows closed their doors to the public. Some of the shows included were Legally Blond, A Chorus Line, Xanadu, Avenue Q, Grease, Gypsy, Spamalot, Spring Awakening, Young Frankenstein, and even Hairspray.

It was like everything was crashing; the stock market, the economy, real estate, the job market, and especially opportunities for actors. It was definitely a time of completion that could potentially benefit The Ultimate Answer movie production.

Joshua Bloom, the creator of The Ultimate Answer decided to hold movie auditions in midtown Manhattan on May 23rd and 24th that summer, but was it divine timing?

Many of Bloom’s quantum healing students came to the audition including Ann Grohne and Lenore Mendez. Bloom’s partner Gary Sabock even stopped buy to lend a hand. It was a large team effort.

We were organized, and well staffed, but really none of us knew what we were in for, since it was our fist time holding an audition like this.

Alice Krolewski, set up the organizational system on the spot, while Julie Adams monitored the flow of the audition process. Adams was the one who took the actors into the audition room and gave them the bad news if they didn’t get the part. Nobody wanted that job, but Adams enjoyed the challenge.

The scriptwriter, Vanessa Benson, who has been one of Bloom’s students for the past two and a half years, came to help with the potentially difficult decision making process. As the screenwriter, with a background in acting, Benson was the first to be cast. She received the part months earlier as the lead character, Tua, and was an asset in making casting decisions.

Both Bloom and Benson were on the same page when it came to casting choices. It was like they were intuitively connected.

“We didn’t know what to expect, but we didn’t expect the turnout we received,” said Bloom. With today’s Internet technology, getting the word out was easy, but was anyone going to come and audition?

The poor job market opened up an opportunity for The Ultimate Answer Team to cast seasoned actors, who ordinarily may not have been available to participate. A few little ads on the internet paid off.

“We had scheduled about one hundred people to come in and audition,” said bloom, “the amount of people we knew we could handle seeing in one day.” “But that didn’t matter because friends told friends about the audition, and over a hundred extra auditioners showed up, making this audition a “New York style” cattle call.

The crowded waiting areas changed every hour from guys to girls, from young to old, and we just kept seeing people, and kept it moving!”

The quality of people who auditioned for the movie was amazing. Auditioners spent time in our three large waiting areas memorizing their lines, just like this was a major blockbuster film. Some were practicing different scenes with each other while others were lying on the floor mumbling their lines.

There were so many good options to choose from. However, included in the mix were a few people who could have been featured on the American Idol blooper real. Bloom comments, “It felt like we were holding auditions for a major studio, considering the number of auditioners we saw. It was like people were coming out of the woodwork. People were lined up for hours.”

“Yes, we saw each and every actor who came to audition,” Bloom explained. It was a long day. Then Bloom and his team auditioned potential actors again, the very next day for callbacks.

Some people were cast on the spot like newcomer, Andrew Canle, cast as Jai, Tua’s love interest in the film, while other parts took a bit more auditioning as with the roles of Nev and Angela.

Canle mentioned after the audition that he didn’t know if he was ready for such a professional production. He walked into the audition and saw our receptionist, waiting area, the number of actors waiting, and how organized we were, and he almost walked out. He took a moment to collect himself, and auditioned anyway.

The casting was then completed within two weeks after the audition process. It wasn’t too long before filming for The Ultimate Answer movie began.

Time for Creativity and Passion!
The presenters:

In this moment, as I am writing, the movie is being completed. We are pulling information from all of the presenter interviews. Should we use this or should we use that? Maybe we can find a way to use it all. Finding the most powerful information and fitting it into the movie, is like a puzzle without rules.

The Acting Scenes:

Just before we began working on the presenter footage, we were putting the acting scenes together. Most of our scenes were too long. When you film a movie, it's good to have too much footage, but it is never good to have too little.

Joseph Lisa, our editor, is working in alignment with a teacher of film by the name of Nicole DiDio Johnson and her students to finish the movie.

We have empowered students to be a part of the film making process. Our goal is to teach and help others with the film. This is no exception, even with the making of the film. This amazing experience is helping students learn how to jump into the film industry with a professional project and a Big Bang!

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It's Coming!
We are getting really excited! The days are getting closer and closer! We’re getting ready to launch the movie. We have finally come up with November 2010 as our launch date. We were expecting to get the movie out in September, but we are perfectionists about putting out this amazing movie in just the right way and in just the right time. It will be worth the wait!!

You’re going to see our presenters, most of whom are world leaders and best selling authors, who share their information in this movie in such a way that will change your life forever and for the better. You will learn information that has been presented in such a way that you have never seen in a movie like this before.

What we are sharing in this movie just doesn’t exist anywhere else! Not only will you learn how to heal yourself, we demonstrate the new and innovative tools directly in the movie for you to learn and apply them.

Most movies in this genre are light on information, have little or no explanation of how to apply the work, and are heavy on inspiration. In other words you get to feel good while watching the movie and then what? …

Our movie is The Ultimate Answer, a tool for you to learn from and create your own possibilities. We don’t hold back any information. We share it all in it’s simplicity, so everyone can experience it. It’s true; anyone can apply what the process teaches in The Ultimate Answer Movie, and reap the amazing results and possibilities that this movie offers.

It’s all here for you to enjoy and benefit from. Take hold of The Ultimate Answer™ movie when it arrives in November. Until then, keep looking here for more updates and information coming soon!
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